Friday, July 27, 2007

Ok, here we go again - decided to follow through with creating an ongoing "official" blog on this site. I must be insane - I currently have about 7 "projects" in my life going simultaneously. Oh well, being busy is better than being dead.

I gotta give Myspace some props, I thought that my account had been deleted yesterday but apparently it's been reinstated. Yea! Still though, I've created decided it's best to go ahead and creat seperate myspaces for my different businesses. Gotta compartmentalize.

I have such a love/hate relationship with the internet. For whatever reason last night there were problems galore with a few sites I rely on (probably just due to the sites doing maintanance). The internet essentially I suppose is the 1 true love of my life. It's my provider, source of joy, source of knowledge and source stress.

This will be a very busy weekend. I have a lot to work on for the SheerEleganceUSA online catalogue, plus I'm planning on doing some new pictorials for my site. Oh, tomorrow evening I co-host the JackDaniels Show on NowLive as well, so be sure to tune in and check that out.

I added a cool new feature to my page here from SayNow, anyone can leave me a shout out voice mail so feel free to call the # attached with the applet.

PS: Please add my new Monica myspace to your freiends list because I will be slowly phasing this myspace out in regards to "Monica Happenings". Thanks.