Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Alright, well since ignoring and from time to time correcting the people out there who assume that I’m an over glorified hooker/prostitute/escort isn’t working I’m going to clarify my website: to the extreme as to what it is I do and what I definitely don’t do.

More work yes, but since most people think that it’s impossible for me to be an attractive black woman who models nude but isn’t a prostitute I will simply have to be more direct.

Today I made the mistake of following up on a craigstlist ad. Here’s the link:

and here is the text from the ad:

Exotic Dancers - Get Started in The Top Fashion Business

Reply to:
Date: 2007-07-29, 8:25AM EDT

We are an international photography studio - we have found that many Exotic dancers have a look but are just not certain how to start in the Legitimate modeling business of top agencies such as Elite, Ford, Next, Etc

For a limited time only, we are shooting (for free) some of these Exotic Dacers who really want help breaking into the REAL modeling field.

For immediate consideration, send a pic and we will contact you with full details.

Now I responded with my info, stats, etc. The poster of the ad an “Alan Bell” of “Alan Bell Studios (I googled this dude and got no result) responds asking for my phone number. I replied with a certain phone number I have for first contacts with people I’m unsure of professionally and he called me within 3 minutes of my reply.

This dude calls me, and immediately attempts to tell me that the first thing I need if I’m serious about the industry are photos – right then I knew this guy was a joke because if he was serious, he’d have read my bio, looked through my site and would be aware that I have a TON of photos.

I asked this guy if he had a website at least to where I could get an idea of what he or his business offers in regards to services for people getting into mainstream entertainment. He didn't have a website. I should have known considering that a Google search came up with nothing for this guy .

Next he proceeds to name drop like crazy and tell me that he has tons of multimillion dollar industry conections due to his other “investment” business but that he has to be sure about someone, not necessarily through “personal favors” (yep this asshole really did say that) prior to connecting anyone because I could potentially be a hooker.

At this point I told him that since he already has a stigma about ex and present exotic dancers and cam girls being "hookers" that us working together isn't the best idea and for him to have a nice afternoon. I then hung up the phone.

Though I like to be proactive with my career, I think I’m better off letting people come to me at this point rather than me seek anyone out to further my goals.

Maybe I'm not as much of a "beginner" as I thought I was.