Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Even though I have for years and continue to make a living in a relatively unconventional way, I'm a much different person than when I began. Hell, this time next year I'll probably be a lot different than I am right now - crazy to think about.
Sometimes I think back to certain times, people and situations and I want to scream at that past version of myself and say "what the fuck were you thinking", but know what - I'm finally beginning to realize that the "past" version of myself and the past in general doesn't matter now. All that matters in fact is my "now" and my "future" so I'm just gonna make the best of what I've got and keep on truckin.
I finished the spinoff of yesterday - - well it's not totally done, but it's a functional site.
I think the "fetish" side of Monica really is going to allow me to have a lot of fun - and real fun isn't something I've had in a while.
I'm reading this book right now called "Masks of Nudity", by an Margo Macabee. The author of the book contacted me through my myspace page and I'm so glad. I invited her on my show to promote her book. She'll be my 3rd "serious" interview on the show. So far the book is excellent - the main character is actually hauntingly very similar to myself.