Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yesterday was such a cool day. MiZtress Monica had a chance to step out into the "real world" for a while in the early afternoon and believe me, her wrath was felt pretty intensely by a certain individual :)
Afterwards I had an awsome lunch with my friend Amanda and then had an awsome "spa day" the rest of the evening.
I needed that, I rarely really take the time out to pamper myself but I am going to make sure to start indulging in the nicer things in life a bit more frequently.
Later today I'll be shooting and photographing "Amazon Amanda's" first bit of content for her new website. This will be a good "training" day for me in the art of fetish photography, which is a sect of photography I'd like to get more into.
This photo is a new photo from my upcomming pictorial "Plastic" which will be posted in Club Monica of - enjoy kiddies :)