Thursday, December 06, 2007

Well the day before yesterday was a very productive day. Between doing my cam shows, going over some upcoming projects with a friend/client, brainstorming on a potential project with an aquaintance/client and updating my websites I got a TON done. At this point in the game I think I'm a one woman production house.
I gave the intro page of a facelift. At some point tomorrow I am planning onputting together another MiZtress Monica pictorial. I still need to finish editing and results from my pictorial "Plastic" and get those posted in Club Monica.

I'm really looking forward to working more behind the scenes in the future, and I think I'm effectively laying the groundwork to be able to do so, but still as of current, I do like being in front of the camera.

I was contacted for another photoshoot with a fairly well known venue. If it works out, the shoot and exposure would bring in a tremendous amount of traffic to my website, which would be great.

As I'm writing this I'm finally transferring and compiling my hour long cam shows from this and last week along with some literally kick ass MiZtress Monica footage.

I finally broke down early last night and placed an order for an (almost) barebones tower - I'm going to insert a couple harddrives from my last system that died on me last year and use the tower only for video editing. Initially the last laptop I purchased was supposed to be for editing only but it's turned into my camshow station instead. Slowly but surely I'll be phasing out my ancient laptop.

That's life - phase out the old and move on to the new...

I think I'll watch StarGate the movie before I pass out to bed, that way I can fantasize about Dr. Daniel Jackson - there's nothing like a brilliant man who's handsom , I wonder how I could go about meeting a really hot scientist or historian...

Lately a lot of opportuity to meet new people has come my way, which is great - but because of events and circumstance from my past, I've become extremely cautious, maybe that's not such a bad thing though...what amazes me at times still, is that it's always when a guy genuinely likes you the most, that he sticks his foot the furthest down his own throat. I'm going to try my best to be a bit more patient and forgiving with that, but only to a certain extint - afterall, I am a natural bitch and I gotta keep that up... :)