Sunday, January 20, 2008

So far this year has been pretty great - lots of twists and turns and surprises and hell, it's still just January.

I'm going to take my photography company completely into the "Fetish" niche` - I feel like I might as well at this point, being that that I'm becoming increasingly familiar with the festish world due to and and my ever changing social circle.

This Wednesday through through Thursday I'm going out of town for my first "out of city on location" fetish shoot for Amazon Amanda (as a photographer) - should be interesting.

Romance, relationships and sex continue to completely confuse me, but it's ok as I feel clarity will come with time. I continue to wish that people would lay their cards out on the table from the beginning, but I suppose if most guys did, unless the girl was completely bored they'd never "get laid".

As I keep dating and "getting out there", my tolerance level is getting lower and lower for selfish and senseless insensitivity. Rather than just letting things go with people and adapting, I'm going with a strong 1, 2, 3 strikes and your out policy.

Children...Babies...though I hate to admit it, the idea of becoming a mom is more important and appealing to me day by day - so I've decided (at least as of current) that anyone I date, needs to be open to that idea.

Someone gave me a really good piece of advice in regards to trying to meet good quality people who are in my age range and who have similiar family-starting goals - the advice was "go to church" - and maybe I just will.