Friday, February 22, 2008

Obama - I've been for Obama since about '05 when I first heard about him online. I actually used to have one of his banners on my website. Well I've been contemplating actively campaigning for him for a while now, both because I was unsure of my political views and I was unsure as to whether someone like me openly saying they were supporting him would be postive or negative towards his campaign - well hell, I'm no one special and I don't think any postive support is harmfull to anyone so from this day forth I've outwardly PRO OBAMA!
Yes, I will plaster my support for him all over my websites. Every cam show I will encourage my viewers to vote for him. I will start participating in local Obama events etc. Why? Cause this dude needs to win. He and his family and his team all truly do stand for change and change is EXACTLY what we need right now.
The country CAN NOT stay on it's current path cause IT IS NOT WORKING!
Pass along the video below peeps.