Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Well today was incredibly productive! I've hooked up with a really good agency - Giirlzinc, which has booked me for another video shoot tomorrow. I'm being cast as a "Milf" - that's funny considering that I'm not a mom.

The agency's photographer took some BEAUTIFUL casting photos of me - Above is one of them. Also I'll be doing my live cam shows with Dorky Dave tomorrow night, so that should be fun :)

A really fun photographer I worked with a few months ago, Andrew Einhorn, has finally added my pictorials to his site nakedhappygirls.com - I love this guy's work - very casual, classy and natural.

I'll most likely be heading out to Los Angeles next week to work - should be exciting but ultimately needs to be productive - I'm just really driven to work hard nowdays to achieve my goals and set up my future. However I'm even more driven to maintain my high level of professionalism, values and ultimately my sense of self.

I have a feeling certain people I will come across over the next few months will try to "break me" - won't work though :)