Friday, April 25, 2008

One thing I can say, is that my life is consistantly interesting.
A few days ago I posted, then later deleted the following - check it out on here:

I know who sent my blog in and who later decided to announce to the world my STD testing results, which for chlamydia unfortunately were positive.

I made a mistake in thinking I was negative and according to the first testing service I used, I was tested as negative. However via AIM I was found to be positive - and I'm glad that I was so that I could get proper treatment.

That's the unfortunately reality of the porn world. Fortunately this particular STD I contracted was treatable and curable. I got lucky. Very lucky. What's unlucky though is that 1 of only a few people that could have immidiately known chose to make this public knowledge before I did.

I'm not sure if this piece of info will effect my "porn" career or not. I'm not sure whether I really even care, but what I DO know is that it's better to be talked about than not talked about at all when it comes to the world of entertainment - adult or maintstream :)

I'm retaining a sense of humor about the whole thing. However I do think that the coward to who "leaked" to adult FYI and who made my STD testing results public should step forward, because that was wrong.

In other news, I'm happy to be back in Florida. Feels great to be home after such a crazy trip out to L.A. I have a ton to do on my website and a lot more projects in the works as always.