Monday, June 02, 2008

I had a really cool weekend. I managed to work, meet some really interesting people, make some money and gain a clearer picture as to where I'm going in life.
On Saturday I had the opportunity to work with Vanessa Blue of and countless adult videos. I was very excited to meet and work with her - she's a successful black woman of the adult entertainment industry who's seen and been through it all. She's managed to make the transition from in front of the camera to behind the camera as a director and content developer. Though this woman is definitely one of the most professional and business oriented women - if not people - that I've ever met in the biz, she also harbors a solid sense of compassion and the will to help others succeed in the adult industry which is a very harsh and cut-throat world. I received some very good advice and guidance from her that I can implement into my personal perspective and work ethic. I'm a fortunate person to have met someone like her at this point in my life.
On Sunday I had my first all girl shoot. I think it will also be my last unless Carmen Electra calls me to do a scene. The location, director, cast and crew were all fantastic and very professional. Overall it was an easy going day but I couldn't really get into the scene. Why? Well I need the male equipment for the most part in the picture in order to get off. Apparently I'm more straight than I'd ever imagined.

I will be heading back to Florida this week and I'm happy to be going home. I'm ready but will most likely be back out in California in July. When I return, I will find a month to month lease somewhere in the L.A. area and commit to at least 2 months out here and go from there. I don't plan on only focusing on being an adult vid performer though - if anything that will be in the rear of my focus rather than the forefront. I plan on pushing my photography / photo editing business and maybe getting into being an assistant on video shoots - adult and mainstream. We'll see what happens.