Monday, July 21, 2008

I love living in California. Slowly but surely I'm starting to meet people in the area and the more people I meet the more at home I feel. The Hollywood/Los Angeles area is filled with Creatives of all types and it's inspiring. What's great about being around so many artistic and motivated people is that there's a definite underlying energy of positivity and unity - it's nice to feel like a part of it all.
Looks like I made it on the cover of another Adult DVD that I'm featured in. Kinda weird but kinda cool. I still haven't sat down to actually watch any of my adult work, I don't think I ever will - too self critical.
I met a really cool girl the other day who's one of the best guitarists I've ever met - I'm thinking about buying a guitar again to learn from her. I feel kind of bad because I didn't tell her exactly everything I do for a living (in other words about my AV work), but that's the hard part about my life, I always have to worry about negative judgement from others. I guess I shouldn't "worry" about it, but I do.
Again, THANK YOU to all the readers of my blog and members of for your support over the years. I feel like my life is really coming together now, but it definitely wouldn't have if it weren't for the support of my friends, family and fans.
Oh - here's a pic of my new sofa.