Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I'm excited about this move to L.A. but having to downsize my belongings as much as I've had to do for the move is depressing. It takes years to accumulate your "comfort items" (wall hangings, area rugs, books, etc) and then having to give them away (of course no one wants to buy your junk) because they won't fit in your SUV when you have to move SUCKS.
Some of my items I'm going to temporarily store and ship to myself later on, but I'm bringing the vitals (clothes, computer stuff and a few things to make my new place feel like home).
Man this drive across country is going to be long but I think it'll be a great experience.
Looks like my first scene from Vouyer Media is out on a DVD called "Control Freaks" - you can check out the trailer here:

My weave looks like crap in those clips - I'm glad I decided to lose the highlights and stick to solid black hair.