Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm just about settled now in Los Angeles. What a journey. Between my car breaking down in Louisiana to having to ship my car from Houston and flying from Houston to Los Angeles rather than driving I am EXHAUSTED. However the move was well worth it as I've already have fairly steady work which is why I felt I needed to make the move anyways - to create a better career and life for myself.
I love my new apartment. It's fantastic. Large and bright and in a nice area of town. I found an area of Los Angeles called "Korea Town" which is where I found some really swank new furniture. I'll post a photo of my new sofa later - Orange Microfiber :)
Still waiting on my car to arrive. I thought it would be here this weekend but I suppose that it's taking a bit longer.
I'll be back to doing my regular cam shows tonight (FINALLY) and over the next few days I'll be posting some new content/pics on
For those of you who care, another one of my adult vids has been released: Booty Talk 82 from West Coast Productions - when I find a link to it I'll post it.
I miss my friends and family back in FL, however I'm so excited to finally be living out west. There so much to see and do and the area I live in is definitely a "walking city". It's great to live in lose proximity to just about everything and everywhere you'd want to go or need to be.