Thursday, August 21, 2008

Well this has been one hell of a week. Financially it was fantastic - no complaints at all - had a couple AV bookings and my camshows through have rocked. However socially it's been a bit "off".
The one important thing to me in life is honesty. Though my life is unconventional and as "Monica Foster" at times I have to act, I'm always honest as the woman who created monica Foster and probably about 90% of the time as Monica.
Unfortunately I'm coming to quickly find out the people in Los Angeles - ESPECIALLY people in Hollywood who may or may not work in the field of entertainment are all full of shit. Well maybe not all but at least 90% of them are.
Recently I think I was tricked into meeting someone - what's shitty is that I would have probably wanted to be friends/hang out with this person anyways without having to be tricked. Pisses me off that people really think I'm a trickable airhead. Oh well - live and learn.