Thursday, September 04, 2008

Today I was DETERMINED to get a new intro video up on and I did - after going through hassle after hassle. Apparently the new camera I have records in a file format that's not supported by my old editing software. I was hoping that I could just utilize a free video format converter that I found online to continue using the old software but no such luck - instead I wound up having to shell out a few bucks for an updated video editing package. I can't complain too much - it was worth it because the package I purchased has a very intuitive user interface.

Here's my new video - cheesy yes, but I think it's cool :)

By tomorrow the front page of my site should look a little different. Just trying to really tie the Monica Foster thing together as well as I can.

Here's some exciting news - I spoke with someone today who's started a very cool mobile internet network concept - hopefully I'll be able to take into the mobile media market a bit more with it. Exciting times - oh yea...