Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Unfortunately (at least from my perspective) as of current, our society is structured in a way in which the non-creative (people who do everything by the book and who manipulate the "book") methodical thinkers have substantial leverage over the creative thinkers. This leaves the creative thinkers extremely prone to being taken advantage of by their counterparts. Our society will not always be like this (we're actually ending this period of the cycle as we enter the new age), the advantage between the 2 groups constantly cycles back and forth, but right now I'd have to say that the non-creatives are trying desperately to hold on to the little power that they still hold.

An example of my above deduction is very easily witnessed within the porn production industry as means of distribution and focus are rapidly shifting and can be seen in the currently and dramatically in the life of Desi Foxx - I've mentioned this dynamic woman in previous posts, but take some time to read her blog: www.desifoxx.com.
She and her daughter had a pretty good plan as to how to market themselves. However being that they are more creative than technical - some people took advantage of them and essentially pirated their ideas, content, products and essentially their soul.
This was wrong - and I'm sure the powers that be will rectify this situation, however being that though I have full faith in God and the universal balance, I'm going to do what I can to expedite their recovery.

Many of you know I work my ass off and really don't have ANY time for additional projects, BUT I'm going to help Desi and her daughter rebuild their website and instruct them as to how to maintain and continue their venture INDEPENDENT of non-creative thieves who feel that they are ENTITLED to make money off of other people's dreams and efforts due to the fact that they lack their own.

In life, I've been screwed over many times. I've been taken advantage of, beat down, almost killed physically, emotionally and mentally - but at those key points in my life there was always God, someone and/or something to reach out and help me up. I think maybe I need to be that person to reach out and help these 2 ladies get back up.

The longer I'm out here in California, the more I'm able to see how certain industries really work, and how these industries prey on a certain mindset to survive. This activity is simply evil and it's frightening.

It's very scary to think that there are people out there just waiting to steal what someone else has worked so hard to create. For all I know there could be someone looking to steal MonicaF.com - actually I know that there are, considering some of the "offers" I've received as of late. Well guess what - it's not going to happen, and I'm going to ensure that MonicaF.com doesn't just remain, it's going to grow, get even better and spawn a whole chain of other sites that are based on not a "cookie cutter" model - but the beautiful individuality that each person wants their site to be.

So for those of you out there who send me the weird little hate mails, disses, and badly written notes of negativity - it's pointless because the wave of change is already in effect - so u might as well just go with the flow...

I love the age we live in, mainly due to the existence of the internet. The internet is a tool that allows every human mind to essentially create SOMETHING out of NOTHING. It especially puts an artistic person's destiny directly in their own hands. Realizing this simple concept alone gets me high. I think maybe my real purpose in life is to spread that natural high a bit.