Sunday, September 07, 2008

Well, I designated this weekend as a "work weekend" and it most certainly has been. I feel like I'm FINALLY starting to reap some of the rewards from working so hard on my website: - today I had over 1000 unique visits to my website. That is fucking AMAZING!
I have to thank and Nick Milo for making this happen. Nick Milo is a photographer/videographer/director out here in Los Angeles. I worked with him back on my 2nd "porn trip" out here to California from Florida when I first got in the biz. He photographed me in a bikini and holding a Freeone's flag (nude of course). The photos made it into one of the site's heavily promoted free galleries today apparently - here's one of the shots:

I feel as though I've pretty much tricked out the free area of so tomorrow I will start uploading all the new content I've created over the past year or so into the member's section of the site "Club Monica".
Oh, I added a new Video on Demand theater to - actually you can access it through as well. Instead of having to wait for my DVD's to arrive people can just watch them in my Monica Foster XXX Porn Theater - how cool.
I'm excited about turning my attention to and this week. Those are 2 online shows I'm pretty passionate about launching properly.