Thursday, September 18, 2008

As of current, though the extra money would be nice, I'm just not happy with the quality of the last few projects that I've been cast in. Don't get me wrong...I really liked the people that I worked with - I just don't like the "reality show" look to everything that's being put out these days.
I'll continue to maintain over the next few years of course, along with my website "spinoffs" from the site, but there are other goals in my life I want to concentrate on now. Believe it or not, doing the porn and getting into a few flicks and on a few boxcovers was one of my goals earlier this year - mainly to build up a bit more - and I accomplished that goal. It sure wasn't too difficult - hell it gives me confidence now to push my other dreams into reality.
Yesterday while doing camshows, I watched the videos "porn 101" and "porn 102" through - more women and people in general in the industry really need to take the TIME to watch those videos and to understand where the founder of AIM really comes from (she was a dancer and xxx performer in her youth much like myself). When I launch I will be a strong supporter and advocate of AIM. If I ever get rich I'll donate to them.
Speaking of AIM, I'm glad that I'm STD free. I just retested on the 16th and I received my results back today and I'm totally clean. Waiting for those test results can be stressful - you feel fine, no signs of anything but you NEVER KNOW until you get tested.
Not to be wishy washy, but though I've had a lot of fun doing porn, I want to 1) stay disease free and 2) I want sex (with a guy) to just be in my personal life again soon. I'm not ashamed of anything that I've done or anything that's out there for people to view, but I'll ready for a change again in the near future.
I'm looking forward to pushing my photography a bit more in the next few months and I am still happy that I've moved out here to California - what a cool adventure.