Thursday, September 11, 2008

Here's a photo of me @ my mothership - totally unrelated to this post :)

I'm pretty impressed with Elli and Desi Foxx of They've managed to get their site up and running, on the Howard Stern show AND have shot their first DVD. Go Girls! I can't wait to get my first self produced DVD out on the shelves. Hopefully that will be in the next month or so.

I'm very happy for the recent flood of website traffic I've been getting, however along with the new fans comes the new stalkers. I really don't understand why people send me fake employment opportunities. It's not just stupid and pointless, it's pathetic.

In other news, looks like Penthouse Magazine tried to follow me on - well that company/organization was promptly deleted from my Twitter list. Why? Well mainly because along with Penthouse and Hustler have deemed me "not what they're looking for" at this time. I actually received a rejection letter from Hustler TWICE - I suppose they needed to really rub it in. Well, I feel like they're the ones who've missed the boat - the SS Monica.

I feel that magazines like those are old school anyways - newschool is the internet, forward thinking organizations who aren't afraid of 29 year old dark skinned black women and self marketing individuals like myself, the Foxxes, Bobbi Billiard, etc.

I decided to link up my fetish DVD release and fetish VOD to today - can't wait to totally revamp that site. I really can't wait to put out more fetish work - most of my fetish content will probably be self produced.

Well I'm off to do my show on now for the members of my website. Enjoy peeps.