Sunday, September 21, 2008

Well, tomorrow I have a girl/girl scene for with the lovely Mahlia Millian - a very pretty african american girl - actually she and I favor quite a bit - she's just about 7 years younger - hmmm, I think this essentially means that tomorrow I'll be having sex with my younger self....trippy.

This will most likely be the last scene I do for a while - mainly because I'm over being a performer for for the "reality website content"/low end studios (aside from content I write, produce and direct myself for If a XXX feature/high end role came my way, or a project for one of the upper tier studios or if a DVD series built around me was offered, I'd consider it of course, but right now, I'm not satisfied with my current bookings and my LACK of bookings.

Initially when I came into the business I wanted to be a contract girl for a studio like Vivid, Wicked, Digital Playground or Adam and Eve - well the only reason that didn't happen is because of 1 thing (and it's not my age, or my looks or my fucking and sucking ability): I'm a dark skinned black girl who doesn't kiss enough booty :)

Whether people in and out of the industry want to admit it or not, there's a lot of racism in the porn industry. Look at this girl Mahlia Millian for example: she has a similar look to me but she's even YOUNGER and she doesn't seem to have a contract either - that's sad, especially since according to she's been performing since 2005.

Until I see a black woman marketed along the lines of Jesse Jane, Bree Ohlson or Jenna Haze I will not stop stating and feeling that the people who run these studios that are keeping attractive black women out of high end porn should be ASHAMED of themselves.

The idiots who continue to only cast black women in "ghetto themed" XXX titles are no better either. Considering that we're about to have a black president soon, the "high end" studios had better wise up - hell, it doesn't even have to be ME who ever gets a contract, but it sure needs to be SOMEONE who's DARK BROWN and of AFRICAN ancestry.
The market for women of my type exists, so the only reason it hasn't been tapped is due to the prejudices of the studio heads. If there's another reason - it isn't known to me...

Maybe what it will take is a woman like me opening my own high end porn studio and shut these other undercover KKK alumni studios out of a rapidly growing ethnic market :) Who knows. I feel like there are a few studios who are trying to tap the high-end ethnic market - I've worked for a few - Kick Ass, Vouyer Media, West Coast Productions, and a few others - unfortunately there just aren't that many.

Speaking of people who should be ashamed of themselves, the asshole who's holding Desi and Elli Foxx's domain hostage needs to GIVE IT BACK. If you go to and read her blog, you'll see how yet another asshole is trying to screw over 2 women trying to make names for themselves in porn.

In conclusion, one thing I'll say is that thanks to the rise in VOD (video on demand) I think that the tables of the porn industry are about to turn. Many of the people who have been living off the porn DVD sales are going to see a huge chunk of their speculated income no longer existing. Many studios will have to shut down. Many agents will be no longer needed as someone looking to book a girl can just go to her website. The real money will be made by the individuals who represent themselves, self produce and sell on the internet. I'm glad.