Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Yesterday was an interesting day. In the morning/early afternoon I ran some errands and got everything set up properly with a couple affiliate programs I'm linked to on my website of which I had the coding incorrect. Then I realized that I'd have to cancel my 2pm PST show on CAMZ because I forgot I was schedule to do a XXX porn scene for a site called "AssLikeThat.com" - yep, even though I have a small ass, I managed to get a booking for that site. I can't wait to see the footage.

The filming of the scene itself went well. The male talent was a very nice and ambitious young man who uses the name Julius Ceazher. The director who goes by the name Jimmy Lifestyle was SOOOOOOO cool - I actually had a personal biological mishap at the end of the scene that was pretty embarrassing that he helped me out with - thanx Jimmy! The cool thing about the XXX porn world is that in general, everyone you work with is very down to earth.

I'm going to reschedule my show on CamZ for tomorrow. Today was a day of rest, trips to the bank and now a little more rest before I start working on my websites.

Starting tomorrow I'm gonna start getting back in the gym. Due to work/stress I haven't been going like I should be but hell, I'm paying for the freakin membership so I'd better take advantage.

Today I asked Cassandra Cruz to be my co-host for my upcomming online show "Getting Into Porn" (www.GettingIntoPorn.com), hopefully she'll want to be a part of project, but if not, I have a few backups - stay tuned peeps :)