Saturday, October 18, 2008

The great thing about new people coming into your life, is that often it's someone with a fresh perspective on the "surface you" (the you that others immediately see) who gives you the best advice.
Sometimes people like this come in the form of friends, acquaintances, potential new romances, etc - but regardless of the type of relationship this person may desire with you, or that you may desire from them - I think you should always listen - especially if they're living their life in a successful way.
So after prefacing this blog with the above statements, I'm going to officially say, that though money is going to be difficult for me yet again - I'm done with porn and all aspects of performing as an adult entertainer with the exceptions of still being a cam girl, and well, if times get too tough I'll strip.
I realized the dangers and repercussions that I could expect from the industry getting in, and I was OK with that because I was curious and it seemed like a good financial opportunity and a cool life experience to take on. However after completing under 30 scenes - I know that this is the absolute right time for me to say "hey, it was fun while it's lasted, but there are other things I have to at least try to do now".
I don't regret having done the porn - the venture brought me out to sunny California, I've seen some cool things, and I've met some interesting people (good, bad and all in between).
I've just always had a pretty good sense of timing, and though I'm not 100% on the mark at all times with my decisions - this is one that feels right.
So, to everyone who reads this and is either a fan of Monica Foster or who just finds me half ways interesting to read about from time to time - you can still enjoy my website for the time being - probably until the end of the year, but there will be no more XXX scenes coming from me. Thanks for your support though over the years and especially the past few months.
I want to be a regular person again. I know I can't un-do any of my past and most recent choices, but I can at least start making some better ones that are more healthy for my mind, body and spirit.