Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Since announcing my retirement from porn / adult video as a performer, I've received more emails than I could have ever anticipated from my fans, my friends on MySpace, readers of my blog & members of my websites. Thank you all for your compliments, words of encouragement, and overall support of my decision.

Though I'm retiring from porn as a performer, I'm not retiring from life :) I plan to move into the "behind the scenes" world of porn/adult video over the next few months. I'm a pretty good photographer (www.id-cdproductions.com) and would like to use my photography skills to get my foot in the door of the "porn production world" - hopefully I can learn more about video production in time too.

I've written a few softcore and hardcore scripts which I'd like develop into several VOD downloadable "mini series" in association with the "Monica Foster" brand.

www.MonicaF.com will remain up and running. I will still be doing cam shows daily just as I did prior to getting into the porn world. I will be relaunching www.RedTback.com before the end of the month and this Friday www.GettingIntoPorn.com will be up and running as well.

Working as a performer in the porn industry has been an exciting adventure. Yes, there have been ups and downs throughout my "porn-star adventure", however I couldn't have asked for a better learning experience.

Ironically, it's just as I made the decision to retire as a performer, that several good porn roles, have been sent my way. Though it's tempting to retract my "retirement", I know deep down that moving on, to other areas of life career wise, is the best thing that I can do for myself right now. I feel that in order to grow, moving out of a zone that you're comfortable in is a necessary step - after all, change is good.