Monday, December 08, 2008

I love cameras. I love to be on camera, I love speaking on camera and especially interviewing people. I love shooting both still photos and videos with cameras - however I've found out that there's one "camera angle" that I'm not a natural at: scripted ACTING on camera.
Acting is HARD, however I plan on mastering this skill over time. I've realized how truly difficult acting is since being cast as "Claire" in my first upcoming adult video feature "Not the Cosby's XXX". The script is very well written and totally along the lines of the series which it is parody of, which really helps, so all I have to do is really BECOME the character on set - and I will.
Check out these links - looks like there's even more interest in my first feature, and we haven't even begun shooting yet:

I couple of weeks ago, I visited my friend Desi Foxx ( and for the day and had the chance to get a quick interview with her I plan on using on my upcoming site: - check it out here: