Sunday, December 28, 2008

Well I didn't anticipate on doing much last night aside from webcam shows through my site, however my friend Nina Devon who played my daughter "Rudy" on the last feature I shot "Not the Cosby Show XXX" called me up for a girls night out. Yea, I was gonna stay in - but considering my mood, and after a little persuasion from Nina I figured going out would be a great thing to do.
Not only is my friend Scott , partial owner of X-play/All Media Play and wardrobe, set design and hair extrodinaire a multi-talented genius - he also has some of the best night venue hookups in town. Since neither Nina or I really know where "the party's at" in Hollywood, being that we both just recently moved to Los Angeles, I hit up Scott for the 411 and he totally delivered. He referred us to a club/lounge called "Green Door" which is actually right down the street from me.
The club had a pretty good crowd - very mixed and trendy. Going out last night really made me realize how cooped up I've been lately. I met the guys from that reality show on VH1 "The Pick Up Artist". The main guy from that show really isn't my type and never would be. I don't care how great his "pick up skills and secrets" are - if a guy isn't my type, he just wouldn't get anywhere - period. HOWEVER, I must say a great big DAMMMMNNNNNNNNN when it comes to his hot friend James Matador. YUM YUM YUM - he's gotta be the best looking guy I've seen in a VERY long time - still I wouldn't ever be able to date a self proclaimed "pick up artist" - I'm a solid relationship type of girl.
Nina and I wound up having a great time of course, and after drinking and dancing till the club's close, we capped off the night at Denny's.
It's been an interesting Holiday weekend - that's for sure.