Monday, December 08, 2008

Well, it's early in the day, but I feel the need to write a blog.

Today I was notified about ANOTHER article in regards to my upcoming feature "Not the Cosby Show XXX" - click here to view.

I was very irritated by this as the writer obviously has assumed multiple negative things about me without 1) having researched me or simply reading my bio or 2) speaking with me, so I wrote a comment as follows:

"hmmm, not reliable… well being that the writer of this article is simply ASSUMING qualities of which I don’t embody I’ll grant my forgiveness (even though all one would have to do is visit my website OR speak with me personally to realize that I’m a very independent , self reliant, ambitious and strong african american woman who happens to be a porn performer as well).
If I had a history of being late or a no show to my past adult video gigs that would be one thing, but that is not the case.
In this day and age (especially in our current economic crisis), feature adult video roles geared towards or written specifically for african-americans are very rare, if at all available. Just a few days prior to my receiving the news about my casting as “Claire” in “Not the Cosby Show XXX” I announced my retirement (though I wasn’t sure as to how long I’d remain in retirement) simply because there were not any roles, feature or gonzo that were available to me, so retiring and concentrating on my other endeavors such as my websites (, and and photography business seemed like an appropriate option.
However since receiving the news that I have been cast as “Claire” for this feature, I have thrown my all into not only the role, but assisting in the wardrobe/costuming of my character and the rest of the cast.
I invite you, the writer, and your readers to visit my official website to get to knowwho I am, rather than simply “guessing” what type of person I am.
Thank you and I hope that everyone enjoys this upcoming feature as it will be FANTASTIC."

Personal attacks are not cool when the attacker is totally oblivious as to who they're speaking of.

Anyways today was a cool day - I shot my first 2 "Official" matches for - I am in LOVE with this company. As a young girl I used to watch GLOW (gorgeous ladies of wrestling) so working with DT is like living out a dream - plus all the physical activity is bound to help keep me in shape :)

I'm psyched about tomorrow as it will be my first day on set for "Not the Cosby Show XXX" - though this production will be very time consuming and a ton of work, it will be well worth it and I couldn't ask for a better studio to work with.

This move out here to California really is an adventure. I have my plate full and though some individuals out there my judge, criticize and "hate on" me, this life adventure has taught me that how I think of myself and my life choices is the only opinion that really matters. Learning to truly love yourself is a rough journey, but well worth it.