Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I figured out what prevents women from ruling the world - menstruation. I hate when it's my time of the month. It throws everything out of wack - from my emotions, to my energy level to my motivation. My entire life my time of the month has been my downfall - oh well - I guess that's what being a woman is all about.
Since returning to Florida, though I've gotten a lot of rest, I'm been pretty busy. From editing video and photos on my website, to working on the launch of a couple of new websites, I'm proud to say that I've been very productive.
It hasn't been all work though, I always put aside som time to play - I and my friend Amazon Amanda ( managed to get out for a couple of margaritas the other night and I and another incredible guitarist friend of mine, who likes to remain anonymous, had some fun and musical chill time together (though I almost passed out - yep just found out I'm hypoglycimic - it's always something).
Last night I put out another broadcast of RedTback (Real Exotic Dancers Talk Back) with my good friend and co-host Harmony - I'll post the video reply later - for now you can enjoy the audio replay below:

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Since entering the porn world, many things that I expected to happen have happened, but other things that I completely didn't expect to happen, have happened. 4 of my latest "getting into porn" side effects have been:

1) Finding tons of forum posts/discussions about me all over the internet ( I guess thanks to - that whole "drama" was unexpected and seemed bad at first , but it was possibly really beneficial - I'm getting way more traffic to my website!).
2) Having nearly every ex-boyfriend and person I've ever dated, try to regain contact with me (which is beyond funny, but also annoying and a little scary being that it's easy for men to develop "stalker" type tendancies - I'll probably have to change my phone number).
3) Having more mainstream modeling inqueries than I'd ever had when I was only a mainstream model (way way way back when) - I'm glad to have a decent agency to refer people to now who want to book me.
4) Having more people contact me to be THEIR photographer and/or webmaster than ever before - I think I'll be re-opening my photography studio sooner than I thought.

Porn valley may think that I'm just a silly little black girl with an over-inflated ego who's only skill is to "play the race card" when things don't go my way (thanks to the "mystery" Adult FYI leak), but who cares! - Doing this porn thing has been possibly the BEST MOVE I COULD HAVE MADE at this point in my life. Not only is the actual "work" of porn a ton of fun, but it's really given my life a serious jumpstart in more areas than I could have imagined.

Between tonight and tomorrow I will post a listing on my website as to what scenes I've done as of current, for who, and where to find them. I don't know the working titles of most of the projects I've shot for, but I do know the studio names at least.

I'm not going to say that I haven't had second thoughts and self doubts though. Of course I have. Making this step has been a tad "life defining" in many ways. I realize that my family thinks badly of me and I understand why my relationships with them have nearly completely fizzled out. I can understand why they think as they do and why I will probably never have the relationship with my nephew as his aunt as I initially wanted. It's a little depressing, but I'll live.

My initial reason to get into porn, was to further the popularity of "Monica Foster" and to get more traffic to my website, so that I could make more money through my Club Monica memberships and my private webcam shows. However now, I see doing porn as more of a personal "challenge". I want to see how far I can go in that world. It's so much more of a game than I'd ever imagined, very complicated, a little scary, but also very interesting. A total adrenaline rush :)

I went into my 1st and 2nd trip to L.A. with expectations, but I'm not going into this 3rd trip to L.A. with any expectations - and I like this newfound mindset - a lot.

Getting into porn hasn't just given a "jumpstart" to events in my life, it's really increased my creativity drive. I'm making a spin-off of my online talk show Real Exotic Dancers Talk Back - which will have more to do with the porn world - I'll discuss it in later blog entries.

I'm looking forward to re-enrolling in school later this year. I want a marketing degree. I also want to get a certificate as a makeup artist - I think that skill will take me much further a a photographer.

I guess doing full blown porn has made me realize more than ever that I've got to build a strong and solid life for myself OUTSIDE of porn. I feel good about having reached that realization. I'm just me, and that's all I can be.

Check out this video: FUR TV Chanelle Sex Tape - FULL LENGHT Clip!!

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Well yesterday/tonight was very productive. I did my weekly live cam show for the members of's Club Monica on the camz network, I did quite a few private camshows for my fans, I shot a new photo pictorial of myself (below is a shot from it) for my website called "Futuristic Funk", and I made another "behind the scenes" video of this shoot to post on YouTube. A busy bee - yes I am...
I already miss Los Angeles a little bit, but I sure don't miss the lack of humidity - dry climates are great for breathing but are really bad for my skin. Out there I go through a bottle of lotion a week.
I have a ton of video I've got to get around to editing this weekend. Hopefully I'll find the time to develop the splash pages for a couple of my new sites that I'm planning on developing over the next few months.

Friday, April 25, 2008

One thing I can say, is that my life is consistantly interesting.
A few days ago I posted, then later deleted the following - check it out on here:

I know who sent my blog in and who later decided to announce to the world my STD testing results, which for chlamydia unfortunately were positive.

I made a mistake in thinking I was negative and according to the first testing service I used, I was tested as negative. However via AIM I was found to be positive - and I'm glad that I was so that I could get proper treatment.

That's the unfortunately reality of the porn world. Fortunately this particular STD I contracted was treatable and curable. I got lucky. Very lucky. What's unlucky though is that 1 of only a few people that could have immidiately known chose to make this public knowledge before I did.

I'm not sure if this piece of info will effect my "porn" career or not. I'm not sure whether I really even care, but what I DO know is that it's better to be talked about than not talked about at all when it comes to the world of entertainment - adult or maintstream :)

I'm retaining a sense of humor about the whole thing. However I do think that the coward to who "leaked" to adult FYI and who made my STD testing results public should step forward, because that was wrong.

In other news, I'm happy to be back in Florida. Feels great to be home after such a crazy trip out to L.A. I have a ton to do on my website and a lot more projects in the works as always.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I decided to rewrite this blog entry being that the last entry I wrote was a bit emotional, irrational, trivial and judgemental.
This 2nd trip out to LA for my "adult video" ventures was totally different from the last. The last trip was all "shiney and sparkly and new" - this trip was full of transitions (which are always difficult). Many doors were opened, some were closed - but overall the trip has been very educational. I've learned even more about the "porn world" than I'd initially cared to know - but I'm glad that I now know. I also learned that I'm not invincible and I'm definitely not always right.
I had some cool opportunities while I was out here this time around. I was forunate enough to be called in to a meeting with Wicked Pictures (thanks Jim!), I also found some work independently through One Model Place - one of my favorite, oldest and best online modeling networks (yep, I'm vintage - #125). I worked with some really creative directors/talent this time in L.A. and hopefully made some more new friends.
I'm up to about scene 12 now.
I'm leaving a few days earlier than I'd anticipated and I really can't wait to get home, however I am looking forward to planning my 3rd trip out here.
I've changed agencies, hopefully the new one I've signed with will be good for me. I've also found that taking care of my own transportation and accomodations is definitely the way to go.
When I get back to Florida, I will be researching everything that I need to, in order to create my own video production/distribution label. I think I'm about 50% of the way there, I just need to get all my business/legal ducks in a row to make it happen.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Money over Principal - Business logic over rational thought ..... I don't think you can really pit any of those concepts against each other in "real life" - then again is working in adult video really "real life"? Maybe, maybe not.
Yesterday I had a gig which took the turn for the worse - if the reason that it did was justifiable (which I'll find out around 2pm today) then that's one thing, but most likely it wasn't justifiable - however everything does happen for a reason and I have to hold onto that belief to be able to continue going forward.
I think in life there really are just a set number (be it a very large number) of certain types of people, and sometimes of those types - regardless of the situation you simply WILL NOT get along with them. That's ok though, but when it effects the "business" side of my life, that's a definite problem.
Other than yesterday since I've returned to LA, it's been good. I've had the opportunity to work on some really cool projects, and I anticipate more work coming from the results of my performance in those projects.
When I get home I can't wait to get back into my photography again. Another photographer I met out here who I let see my work, felt it was good, so that gives me additional confidence to persue the goal of reopening my photography studio.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The tone of this trip to LA is completely different from my first, not necessarily in a negative way or positive way - just a completely different way.
The adult video work itself is something that I really can get into on all levels, however the external influences that the industry tends to attract are psychologically draining. I'm doing my best to not let any of the "drama" effect me or the choices I make.
A huge part of me can't wait to get back to FL, however another part of me is excited to see what I can make happen out here in LA. Regardless, I'm having a really good time out here.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I love L.A. - It's my second night back and all's going well, and I'm looking forward to my trip continuing to go well. I want this journey to be as productive and lucrative as possible.
Today as a cool day, I was cast by Adam and Eve video in their new "porn spinoff" of Flavor of Love - their version will be called Flavor of Lust. It was shot totally in your typical "reality show" format. The set was beautiful, the crew on set was fun and very hospitable, and the girls and guys I worked with were GREAT. The guy who played the "Flavor Flave" type character is a rapper/musician who goes by the name "Cave" - really nice guy and very talented.
The group of girls from my agency that I'm staying with on this trip are much more my speed than last time, though the girls from my trip last time were nice too.
Tomorrow I have 2 scenes to shoot, so it'll be a busy day. This weekend I think I will rent a car and get to know LA a bit more on my own.

Friday, April 11, 2008

In a few days I'll be back in Los Angeles, I'm excited - but even between now and then I have a TON of things that I need to get done.

First though, I promised that I'd give a bit of an "in depth" review of what my trip was like, so here we go:

Day 1 - Jam packed with "go sees" to various studios in the area. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, a "go see" is when your manager/agent introduces you to the heads of various studios who may want to hire you.

Day 2 - my first adult video shoot in Los Angeles - my director was a guy named Marco Pallotti - really high energy guy from England who has a company called Eleven Entertainment - I really enjoyed working with him - his assistant was cool too.

Day 3 - my second adult video shoot in L.A. - and lucky me got to work with adult video superstar Erik Everhard! Yum, this guy is a TOTAL fantasy come true! What's great about this guy is not only is he hot, he's a FANTASTIC male talent in the performance dept. AND he is also a photographer like me. To top it all off, he had a great personality as well. I REALLY want to work with Erik again.

Day 4 - my 3rd video shoot almost didn't happen - it was for Vouyer Productions - fortunately the owner of the company Vince saved the day and through a video piece together for me to perform in spur of the moment. My male talent was a guy named Sasha Byazarov - he was hot - had lots of tattoos and reminded me of the characters from the movie Blade.

Day 5 - a friend of mine gave me a ride to meet an awsome photographer named Holly Randall - she shoots for Hustler so that was definitely someone worth meeting. She has a great personality as well.

Day 6 - Another video shoot with Vouyer productions. However this one didn't go as smoothly as my other shoots during the week. My first male talent that I worked with - initials M.A. - on this day was just a complete ASS and walked off the set because he felt I wasn't "into him" - well excuse me for not being into someone who gets to a shoot high and who is cock-eyed. I was professional and tried my best to deal with this fool but he went off into a rant about how he's been "a professional" in the biz for 6 or 7 years and doesn't "need this shit". Yea, real professional to act like a 2 year old and storm off. I'm glad that it happened though because my replacement male talent was a sexy latin lover guy named Marco - yummmmmm. Too sexy - I felt like I was getting it on with Enrique Iglesias.

Day 7 - This was a fun "skit" type shoot that I got to perform with another adult video superstar who uses the name ChristianXXX - at first I felt he was a little combative upon first getting to know him, but then after a while I really started to dig him. Sometimes a little verbal agression can be good when meeting a guy - ads to the sexual chemistry :) He reminded me of a younger and sexier Mr. Clean. This guy is GREAT on camera and fantastic to work with. I can't wait to work with him again.

Day 8 - This was my last shoot of my trip - it was for a company called Silver Cash - my director was a guy named Rick Davis - he was really cool and awsome to work with. My male talent was a guy named John John - pretty hot and a good personality - he was interesting because he was also a dancer. This shoot was cool because I got to watch a 3 girl scene right before I did my boy/girl scene - that was interesting.

While I was in Los Angeles I really got to know some really cool people. One of the girls I was staying with Sophie Perez and I got to be pretty good friends. A couple other girls, Vanessa Lee and Mia were great to hang with as well.

I don't think when I visit L.A. that I will be dating any men - from what I've seen and experienced so far they're even flakier out there than here in FL.

What sucks is that about half of my shoots were "pay roll" which means I have to wait for my checks to arrive. I was counting on some of that money to book my hotel for my next trip out, so this next trip will be a TIGHT squeeze. I swear, I always feel broke but I don't even have any major expenses right now - just always waiting to get paid.

The earnings I hope to make in the next few months are going to go toward my education. I've made the decision to go back to school for marketing. I like my life now, but I want a better one.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Well, I'm back from Los Angeles and my trip out was great. As of current, I feel that getting into the adult video world was a great move on my part - yes it was a big step, but it takes big steps in life to create a substantial change.
I had the opportunity to work with some amazing people both from a talent and behind the scenes perspective. I also met a few really cool individuals who I hope will become life long friends.
I'll write a more extensive blog on my trip over the next few days as I'm tired as hell - however I can't wait for my next trip out to the city of dreams :)