Friday, January 09, 2009

So far this year has been great, even though we're only 8 days in :) Yesterday was my birthday (and thank you to all my readers and site members and fans for all the "happy birthday" well wishes) and I can honestly say it was one of my BEST BIRTHDAYS EVER - probably because I'm surrounded by the BEST FRIENDS EVER and I have the BEST BOYFRIEND EVER.
Yep, I have a boyfriend - I think it's my first time writing in my blog about him actually...I'm not going to write much about my relationship with him because I like to keep at least SOME of my personal life private, but I will say that he's a really great guy who I absolutely adore and love spending time with. I'm really fortunate to have a man like him in my life.
I have to say I got the PERFECT birthday present from my boyfriend :) An X-pole (for those of you who don't know, it's a portable stripper pole -!!!!! My pole is the BEST present I could have possibly received - Why? Because it's like 5 presents in 1. I can use it to work out, I can use it in my webcam shows, I can show my girlfriends how to pole dance so it's a cool social activity, I can use it to teach other women how to pole dance to earn some extra income AND I can use it to entertain my boyfriend sometimes...well more like many many times :) THANK YOU!!!!

Anyways last night we hit up a really cool live music venue called Derby ( to see my friend Sara's boyfriend Lenny's band "Nipsy" play - they have a really cool sound - check out their myspace.
For some reason I had the bright idea to start drinking vodka cranberries. 3 vodka cranberries and 2 tequila shots later I was WASTED! It was my birthday though, so it's ok.
After Lenny's set, we went to a late night eatery of which I don't remember much of, mainly because I was so drunk - then for whatever reason I had another "bright idea", to have a glass of wine - big mistake, I started to barf.
This morning I woke up hung over but happy :) By mid afternoon I was pretty much recovered, so I put up my pole and it looks GREAT! 30 years old is looking pretty freaking fabulous :)

Oh, 1 more thing, it looks as though has released the "behind the scenes" promo for my upcoming feature - Not The Cosby Show XXX - click here to check it out.