Sunday, February 22, 2009

February - I've always considered it one of the strangest months of the year and I've never liked it. I never really enjoy Valentines Day (too much pressure and/or disappointment) and what's up with the 28 days? I need those extra day's the calendar masters of the world are ripping me off of to make sure I can get all my bills paid - arg!

Anyways this was one ROUGH MONTH - however at least now it's just about over and I'm happy I managed to survive it, at least so far :) This month taught me more so than anything how good friends and sisterhood is a very important part of life.

This Friday my friend Powder of and asked me to sub in with him as co-host for a show on called Color Blind - actually this is the first show on the RudeTV network that I ever was a guest on.

Check out my first interview on the show here:

And check out my latest appearance on the show as a co-host here:

On both above links, click on the video window under where it says "live show viewing area".

I really enjoyed getting to talk to the guest on the last installment of Color Blind, Scarlett Summers who has since retired from porn but definitely had some interesting and insightful experiences to share in regards to her career in porn. Hopefully she'll return next week to the show for a "part 2" to the interview because I feel like some of her experiences show the blatent exploitation of young and NAIVE women who enter porn by individuals who should certainly know better.

It's interesting watching my past interviews and video clips from time to time, because I've begun to realize how my opinions which I thought were pretty "set" have bent, morphed, changed, and developed over the years. For example due to racial sensitivity issues I've dealt with in the past, I was very against any porn that had "racial motivations" behind it. Now I can honestly say I feel a little differently. Basically I feel that if all party's involved aren't offended by the material in any way shape or form, it's ok - for example - check out my video"White Slavery". I loved shooting it, enjoy watching it, and I'd do it again.

Doing RudeTV really has pushed me to get up and running again along with together. It'll be a busy remainder of the month.