Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Today I was late again doing my weekly show on the CAMZ network :( I always forget about the time difference between here and the east coast. I was a little dissapointed with how some of the chatters aggressively dissed me because I mainly do a "softcore tease" show on CAMZ - I guess having hardcore MOVIES out isn't enough for some fuckers.
Later tonight fans will notice that I have a nice new video intro on the main page of my website! That footage is probably that only time I've looked "natural" without looking fucked up :)
I'm not sure if hell has frozen over yet, but it looks like L.A. Direct models has added a new BLACK GIRL to their roster - maybe she's being primed to be one of the first black contract girls of our generation - only time will tell. A black girl named Coutney Foxx was on their site for a while around a month or so ago but she seems to have disappeared...Why am I fixated on LA Direct's amount of black talent? Well probably because for quite a while now they generally have had 0 to 1.
Tomorrow I was lucky enough to be invited out by Harley Fire's camp to a Dennis Quaid concert. I'm pretty excited about it and will be in attendance with my boyfriend - I'll try to take some nice "going out" photos to post.
See you all on c