Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Had a great night last night at a good friend's place for a really mellow "420 day" get together. One thing I can honestly say about living in Los Angeles, is that having a decent circle of friends is VITAL. I suppose that goes for living away from your family in general - a support system is a key to your staying safe, sane and active. When I think back to a lot of the women I've met in the adult industry out here in California , a common dis-functional theme was that aside from their "boyfriend" many of these women were very isolated socially and therefor possibly "sense of self" spiritually.

Today I woke up in a very happy and energized mood, so after answering my email and doing a couple of web things, I decided to hit my complex's pool. It was a lot better than I'd expected! Being from Florida, I'm more accustomed to going to a pool surrounded by lush shrubbery and grass and plants but being that California is so damn dry, to save water very few plants are planted ANYWHERE so my apt. complex pool reminds me of just a literal "cement pond". Well shrubbery or not, that pool is REFRESHING AS HELL! I think I will be a pool girl all summer, it's probably the only way I'll survive this 100 degree no humidity LA world.

I've been a lot more into New Age pop music lately, I recommend to anyone looking to explore that genera of music to check out www.Pandora.com - it's a free music service.

Oh, one more thing, decided to stay on the CAMZ network for now along with the other new webcam network I'm using for MonicaF.com , so Club Monica members, you now can catch me for 1 hour Monday's at 2pm :) I'll also be available for 1 on 1 shows through privatecamz.com again.