Monday, April 06, 2009

Though I'm not "officially" done with the adult biz (as I'll continue to maintain my Monica Foster websites and other adult biz related sites and ventures such as , , , etc), I've finally figured out where I want to move my life into now - the beauty, health and wellness industry.
Since getting into the adult industry, I started to realize how much I actually love the "beauty" and "styling" end of the business - I suppose it's the artist in me. I'm pretty good at doing my own makeup, but I think I have a knack for doing other people's as well, so at this point in my life I figure "why not explore that?". Plus being that I have a little bit of a photography background, I eventually will be able to merge both talents.
I think the massage therapy is a great idea as well mainly because 1)I am naturally a people pleaser and love making people feel good and 2) It's something I can do anywhere and make a decent living 3) many of the institutes that offer cosmetology also offer massage therapy so it would be great to get certified in 2 things at once.
Lately I've just had this insane drive to learn as much as I can about natural health solutions and ways to take care of yourself so I'm going with my gut on this decision once again :)
I'll be checking out a couple massage therapy and cosmetology schools in the area this week and hopefully will get enrolled for the summer classes. I'm praying that I qualify for a student loan or grant of some sort. I'm pretty psyched about this step I'm taking. Though I'm broke financially, lately I've been feeling wealthy in all the other aspects of my life - I have a few really good friends, my family and I have a great relationship again and my boyfriend and I have a great, strong understanding and growing relationship, and I feel like I have a clear life direction. It's great to feel good.
I'll be doing my cam shows quite regularly from now on because I'm sure even with a student loan or grant I'll have to pay at least partially partially for these classes - so I'll see you all online :)

By the way: Yes my new niteflirt rate is 2.99 to 3.99 a minute - some have expressed a problem with this - however my rate is my rate - plain and simple. Does your boss approach you daily to be "flexible" on your set salary? I doubt it. If my rate is out of your affordability then you have the option of joining the members section of my site for my free weekly show or hell, just buy one of my XXX porn titles :)

I DO NOT respond to attempts to "haggle" my price down or threats to leave me bad feedback because I value myself, body, soul, mind and time. Here is an example of a conversation I had with someone on Eyeball chat in regards to my rate:

gregritchie: I respect thast your time is valuable however let's try to work with people on this price
MonicaF001: this isn't up for discussion. My rate is my rate. If you want to call you will, if you can't afford to don't
gregritchie: Yeah, but what about tommorow or two nights from now.Who knows what price you'll be
MonicaF001: true however how about this, I'm blocking you because you're little attempt to "haggle" a price is insulting
MonicaF001: since you have no respect for me or my profession at this point in my life, i have no respect for you either. don't contact me any more in the future.
gregritchie: It's not insulting but go ahead...Check your rating card it's getting some bad ratings
MonicaF001: oh ok - blackmail huh
MonicaF001: my real callers know about desperate men like you, I'll be sure to post this convo

I strongly encourage anyone reading this to contact this guy on Eyeball chat and tell him that he's just a plain old dick.