Monday, May 11, 2009

It's Sunday night/Monday morning (about 1:30am my PST Sunday night) and I can happily say that I've had a pretty relaxing and nice weekend, which has left me feeling good about the coming week.

I have a lot of graphics work to complete in the beginning of the week which is something I'm not looking forward to. I love photo editing but I HATE having to construct original graphics - I just find it tedious.

I was thinking today about how much I really like my x-pole and poledancing in my apt. I need to make a video for my website of myself on my pole, that would be fun. Actually what I find really funny when I have friends over, is that my guy friends notice the pole setup in my apt so much faster than my female friends have - goes to show men really must always be on the "verge" of thinking about or noticing something relating to a "sexy concept" :)

Well it seems as though someone (or maybe a couple of people) from are monitoring my blog and posting pieces of it on the forum that they don't agree with, so that they can find reason to trash/insult me and paint me as a person who blames all my "woes" in life on being an African-American. I don't see why someone would waste the time - unless they're just an online stalker, obsessed, jealous or maybe all of the above. Considering that I've recently be enlightened as to who is behind certain forum screen names, they may want to watch it.

I think the most humorous things about the current xxxporntalk "attack" on my blog is that I've noticed a few things about how my "attitude" could lead to studios not wanting to hire me. Well I seriously doubt it, because anyone who knows me, or who really reads my blog or who has visited my websites pretty much knows I'm an outspoken but very nice person who isn't a drug addict (and in porn that's becoming increasingly rare). But even if if does effect my "bookability" so that's OK by me if I'm never booked for another scene again - mainly because I'm only interested in doing my cam shows, creating content for my own websites now and moving on into other things I want to do in life. I might do an adult scene for a studio I really like here or there (or maybe not), but I'm not looking to work consistently in porn as a performer anymore. I've gotten my face out there, done some cool scenes and managed to get a lead in a hot upcoming feature, so really, what else is there for me to do?

Regardless it's a bit hurtful, weird & creepy to read some of the posts - BUT it also goes to show that maybe a bit of my thoughts on the adult industry and how the ethnic sect isn't treated equally has hit a nerve with some - so good. I'll be continuing to share my views and experiences on my new site and I most likely will not be reading much anymore - it's just become so negative that it's not funny anymore.

Anyways, I'm doing another new photoset and maybe a little erotic solo video short tomorrow so I'll post the results in my next blog. Have a great Monday peeps and I'll see you on webcam!