Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's technically Wednesday being that it's 4am, but in "Monica Land" it's still Tuesday night and I have insomnia. It's strange - I go through cycles I've found - I've had very vivid dreams over the past few weeks, but EXCELLENT sleep. Now I'm back to not being able to sleep much at all - probably due to a bit of life's anxiety - oh well - guess I'll just be getting more work done than usual.

I'm actually on double duty right now between doing my cam shows and working on my websites. I decided this week to revamp the design and graphics of my site. is almost done and I'm very happy with how it's turned out - I hope that once I launch the site other women interested in trying out the porn industry find it helpful.

I'm mainly working so hard right now because I'd like to get enough money together to go to take a few courses to become a CMT (certified massage therapist), and to continue being able to pay my bills of course :) I've been pretty interested in the healing arts and wellness industries lately, so I figure getting into massage is a good place to begin.

I have a little massage experience (just techniques I've learned in various places over the years) and I recently found a service that fully trains mobile masseuses so I might consider working for them if the pay is good (actually regardless of the pay the free training would be worthwhile in itself). I'm thinking that even before I'm officially "certified" I'll probably put some ads out to try to get a few clients - if you're reading this and in the LA area and have sore tired muscles or just a lot of stress - drop me a line!

I hope next week I can buy my first massage table so that I can practice bit on my boyfriend and friends. One thing I'll be sure to invest in as an independent masseuse will be really high quality natural/organic lotions and oils and other supplies. Nothing's worse than having shitty lotion or oil applied when you've paid for a mid to high priced massage.

Well that's it for now - I think I'll get back to work. I have some video to edit for a girl who's site I'm building so I'd better get started.