Friday, June 05, 2009

I had a funny, taboo and well, simply "WRONG" thought today while checking out the "Official Website" for the "Not the Cosbys XXX" adult feature I'm in which was released a couple of days ago. I'm actually not so sure as to how far "off" I am on this particular element of the movie I noticed, or if this element of the story line was purposely meant to imply anything in particular in regards to the casting of the tv show the "spoof" is based on, but I can't help but put this thought "out there" in my blog.

(Please keep in mind, if you're to read any further, it may "spoil" a part the movie for you if you haven't seen it)

While I was clicking through the official site, I noticed the graphical/photo arrangement on the "trailer" page - click here to view.

Now the background image of this page is a still from the scene in which my character "Claire" has a flashback to her college days in the 60's of which she gets it on with a white guy she goes to school with. Now notice the image in the forefront of "Denise" (Misty Stone).

The reason this particular page of the site struck me, is because I remember back when the Cosby Show (original series) was at it's height, there was always an undercurrent amongst African-American viewers along the lines of "How in the hell could Bill Cosby father those 2 oldest light skinned daughters" - referring to actresses Lisa Bonet and Sabrina Le Beauf (Denise's and Sandra's characters) - both actresses of which are biracial in reality unless I'm mistaken.

Now yes, as most African-American's are aware of, regardless of your pigmentation level, due to most African-Americans being composed of many nationalities/races it IS possible to produce children of varying skin tones - from vanilla to caramel to mocha to mahogany - recessive genes can come to the forefront when least expected, I've witnessed it - BUT generally children do come out pretty much within the spectrum of their parents (complexion wise) so you'd think the casting would reflect as such - wouldn't u?

Now being that in this XXX spoof, since "Claire's" college bootycall/relationship/whatever was with a white guy, is the writer of this spoof inferring that "Sandra" and "Denise" may not be "Cliff's" kids? Is this XXX spoof trying to imply that "Claire" in the original series was fucking around on "Cliff" with someone else for quite some time? Could it be possible that all the touching "Father-Son" moments and close relationship between "Theo" and "Cliff" weren't simply because he was "Cliff's" first and only son, but also because "Theo" may have been "Cliff's" actual first biological child?!?!?! Hmmm, a little something to think about there...and very Jerry Springer. I wonder if I'm the only crazy person who is going to think along these lines while watching the spoof - doubt it.

Hell I'm IN IT and yet, I dare to blog my thoughts on this. Actually here's little something funny I found online tonight in The People's News in regards to the original Cosby series that someone decided to write entitled "Huxtable Shocker: Sandra and Denise Aren’t Cliff’s" - it's worth a read for humor's sake - click here.

I know I know, my XXX spoof conspiracy theory is "out there" and some may say I'm looking into the storyline of this spoof a little too deeply, but then again AM I REALLY? HMMMMMMMMMMMM........... :)

(note: Yes I'm aware that in reality for ratings sake whoever cast the show obviously cast the older girls to appeal more so to "white" america and that an "affair" wasn't supposedly intended to be implied - at least I hope not...)

Oh, by the way, I found one of the first reviews of the flick on - click here to read through it - I'm very glad that Tyler Knight, T-Real, Misty Stone and Thomas Ward received good comments on the quality and level of their acting - especially considering that for whatever reason neither Tyler Knight or T-Real don't have a credit on the boxcover (?!?!?). They all did a great job and I hope they all get lots more work from this XXX piece.