Tuesday, June 09, 2009

One thing I hate about living in LA is the "turnover rate" of friends and acquaintances. Just when you think you're getting to know someone they drop off the face of the planet - often seemingly without reason. I've been fortunate enough to maintain a small "core" group of people, and have a wonderful boyfriend (and trust me, I'm very grateful for everyone in my life that I do have), but still the flakiness and superficiality of many connections that I've made over the past year or so with people I'd hope to build friendships with does get to me at times. I suppose that's the nature of this "city of angels" - sometimes angels fly while others fall from grace.

In other news, I've been racking my brain over the past few days as to how to come up with some extra money to buy some DVD's "wholesale" from some of the studios I've shot for to resell at Erotica LA on June 13th - Most studios apparently don't have too low of a "wholesale cost" of their DVD's to performers (the average is $8 per unit - get the fuck out of here). Well today I came up with a solution :)

A few years ago I created something called a "ModelCDcard" - basically it's an interactive application & presentation of a model's portfolio on a cd rom business card (CD rom business cards are the nifty little credit card sized cd roms that you often see people handing out at trade shows). I sold quite a few to clients over the internet and continue to produce them here and there to this day.

Anyways I've decided to created a LIMITED EDITION cd rom business card for Monica Foster which will include a never before seen sexy solo video (which I will be shooting this week) along with most likely 3 sexy high res photo pictorials. I will be selling them at Erotica LA for $15 each - plus each card will include a 3 month username and password to Club Monica on MonicaF.com - I'll probably only be running about 50 to 100 of the cards and yes, they will be signed and numbered by yours truly.

I'll post a photo of the card tomorrow.

After the event I may offer the card for sale on my website, but I may not - we'll see. Next on the agenda - coming up with an outfit :)