Monday, July 06, 2009

Well it's Monday and I'm back to the grind (figuratively and literally). I'll be doing webcam shows allllllll day :)

It looks like,,, and quite a few others all picked up my press release for

I'm very happy about this because finally I feel women will have a clear picture as to exactly what the porn industry is all about, where they fit in, and how they can find success - and all for FREE cause lets face it, 99% of women who are considering getting into the porn reason do consider it at least partially due to financial issues - I know I did (and hell, I'm still broke - but that doesn't mean I can't help others).

Being single again is boring as hell. It's lonely too. Luckily doing cam shows and working on business projects helps to pass the time, but honestly, I may have FINALLY figured out what my deal is: I need to feel "needed and valued" (but not "smothered") and I want someone to take care of (I was watching that 90's teen movie "Clueless" and I realized my personality is strikingly close to the main character "Cher" - AFTER she looses most of her superficiality that is).

In my last relationship I didn't feel needed or valued - the whole "stand offish and aloof" attitude that a lot of west coast guys display is definitely not for me. I suppose that's why it just got to where I couldn't take it anymore in my most recent relationship, causing the thing to fall apart.

I feel good about knowing what I need in a relationship now, but now the question is how in the world do I go about finding it. I really can't date at this phase of my life - why? Well, because I can't meet people and don't even know how to go about meeting people.

My current girlfriends (though I love them) aren't really the type who like to go out (and I don't even know how to meet any new girlfriends) & I can't exactly make a profile on and post my photo due to being "Monica Foster". I'm not famous but I'm recognizable to men who like my "type" apparently (goes to show I have a lot of people watching my porn - lol).

I'm just not going to worry about it much right now and stay busy. If I wasn't so fucking horny I wouldn't even think about these issues :)