Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yesterday someone left me the following comment on my blog:

"What parts of your blog are ficticious? Some times you talk about your personal info and then you are talking as Monica. It is confusing."

It's not confusing if you realize that and this blog are simply entertainment - Adult entertainment to be exact. I'm an entertainer as Monica Foster - bottom line. I'm an actress. That's what cam girls, exotic dancers, and pornstars are. Now yes, many aspects and experiences of Monica Foster are based on the life of the woman who created Monica Foster, however Monica is not 100% that woman.

In the past, Monica Foster was 90% of the woman who created Monica Foster, but as of yesterday and in the future, that percentage will be dropping to around 30% to 50%.

The woman who created Monica Foster is currently moving into many other arenas, both within the world of adult/mainstream entertainment and outside of it. The woman who created Monica Foster doesn't necessarily want the world to know exactly what she's up to in her personal life any longer. Not because she's hiding, but because like everyone she requires a certain level of privacy. The energy that was put into Monica Foster, now is going to be distributed into many other positive and productive projects - some visible to those familiar with the world of Monica Foster - and other not.

Both the woman who created Monica Foster and Monica Foster are good individuals (and that's obvious considering the time and effort that went into creating - which was a collaborative effort between the woman who created Monica Foster & Monica Foster herself. That project's purpose is to help and assist women entering or currently in the adult entertainment (specifically porn) world and that will always be the purpose of that particular project), however one person is real, while the other is a character.

If this is all confusing to someone, I suggest you stop reading this blog and stop following adult and mainstream entertainment in general. Think about it - is Madonna the same as her real "every day life" self? Is Kid Rock the same as his? No. That's why entertainers have aliases - to create characters that they can leave behind when they want to be themselves in their personal lives.

Every character an entertainer creates is a bit or piece of themselves, but it's not entirely themselves. I know it is hard for many people to believe that an adult entertainer IS an actress and realizes it (in my case I'm also a tech geek, writer, artist and overall hard worker), because that validates that I actually have talent, emotions, a soul and a BRAIN.

Enjoy the blog if you decide to continue with Monica Foster on her journey from here.