Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I've dealt with insomnia for most of my life, but I've never caved into taking any medications for it - mainly due to the fact that I know my sleeping issues have a lot to do with having a very active mind. I've found that deep meditation seriously helps (I've learned to go into a "blank zone"). Today I finally got a good solid 8 hours of sleep in - I feel so much better.

Today I found out that on page 60 of AVN magazine's August 2009's issue, an article for my site: was printed. I feel good about that. Here's a link:

One of my webcam show viewers informed me that there's a photo of me in Hustler magazine as well, not sure if it's this month, or next month or what, so if anyone has seen it let me know which issue - most likely it's a still shot from the Not the Cosbys XXX flick.

Today the sky in LA looks as though the end of the world is coming. Due to all the wildfires in the area there's a ton of ash in the air, which causes the sunlight filtering through to take on an orangy hue. Scary - I'm glad I live in the city rather than the outskirts of LA or the suburbs. I'm definitely glad I don't live in the San Fernando Valley.

Looks like certain weirdos who post on XXXporntalk are still attacking African-American performers via all sorts of negative racial slurs. I posted a rather immature retaliation recently mocking their use of the term "grape drank" (hey, I'm only human). I know such stupidity shouldn't matter to me, but it does because it truly makes me wonder how many people of whom I've worked with in the past in the adult industry world truly have felt that African-Americans are some how inferior to others. It's a frightening and disappointing thought.

I continue to find it amazing how as of current, there is not even ONE African-American contract performer with any of the "big name" porn companies (the last major one, around a DECADE ago, was Heather Hunter who was a Vivid girl). Ironically there is an article on the head of Vivid, Steve Hirsch in the same issue of AVN that my website is mentioned in, of which the article states:

"So far 70 young women have been Vivid Girls. They've included not just girl-next-door blondes but also African-Americans (Heather Hunter, Taya)..."

Maybe historically there have been, but why not right now?
Also only 2 out of 70 women in total? As I asked before, why is the last fairly known one - Heather Hunter from over a decade ago? Even Taya was from quite a while back.

We have a black political leader, why not a black contract performer? Are blacks REALLY that disturbing to the heads of the adult entertainment industry for this to happen? The excuse of "black porn doesn't sell well" has already been proven time and time again to be bullshit - hell, as a webcam girl (webcamming is a major and growing sect of the porn industry) I do VERY well and my numbers outrank many of my Caucasion counterparts. If companies like Vivid, Wicked, Adam and Eve and Digital Playground are supposedly the the forerunners of porn shouldn't they have performers that reflect our society as a whole?

Generally LaDirectModels is the adult industry agency of which contract performers are pulled from - right now on the site there are 2 black faces (Eunique Stylez and Tiffany Carter) so it's quite possible that between now and the end of Obama's term, 1 if not both of these young women will be the next black contract star.

It's becoming increasingly evident that I'm not the only African-American in porn that is noticing this issue. Marie Luv mentions towards the end of her bio that she's also noticed that there hasn't been an African-American contract performer in a while - considering this young lady's porn track record, she would be a top contender for a contract. Misty Stone has been in the game for a while as well and is currently being cast in quite a few features - maybe she'll get an offer. If not there's always cute little Jezebelle Foxxx (aka Jenna Brooks) - for some reason she really looks like Bree Ohlson's long lost black twin sister to me, so she'd be a good contender as well.

I suppose the reason that I touch on the "plight of the African-American porn perfomer" is because when you get to the core of it, it has to do with the issue of "Equal Rights". It is a fact that African-American performers are not only almost entirely shut out of the high end porn productions, but in the entire porn industry we DO NOT receive equal pay from many of the studios, and this is wrong.