Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Friday everyone. It's been an eventful week. First off, thank you to all who checked in during my free 1 hour webcam show on the network - it was good to say hello to everyone - and a special thanks to James for calling in to the talkshow I was a guest on "Inside the Industry" Wednesday evening - actually if anyone wants to download the archive of the show - just click here.

I've opted to sign with an adult and mainstream PR company called Galaxy Publicity. I feel good about it and through working a bit with the owner (who has tons of great ideas) and his staff, I hope to take "Monica Foster" to the next level. Being that many of my ideas seem to mesh with theirs, I think it will be a good working relationship.

On a personal note, I'm a bit depressed - for quite some time now I thought I had my family's emotional support in achieving my goals - regardless of how unconventional they may be. I just recently learned that I don't, and that they think very badly of me and my life choices. I can deal with this fact, but it hurts more than anything I've ever dealt with. Since moving to CA, I've made a huge effort to attempt to keep lines of communication open between myself and my immidiate family. Well, they have severed the cord, and I will not be making any effort to repair it anymore. I will not be going into detail about the situation today, but I might oneday, because I think other women who may choose my path in life need to know what they may be up against in their personal lives.

Regardless though of what anyone thinks about me, I believe in myself and I strongly feel that before one judges, they need to take a good look in the mirror.