Monday, October 12, 2009

I had a pretty good weekend - had a chance to clean my apartment from top to bottom and will be getting my giant pile of papers I need to file organized later this week. I'm on a mission to become "little miss neat, organized and tidy". I'd like to end this year by being as organized and productive as possible.

I'll be on webcam most of the day today and all throughout the week most likely, so make sure you catch me - links to my shows are on this blog and

This week I'm going to try very hard to get my weekly and webcasts up and running again. I'm not going to make the webcasts "regular weekly shows" as of yet, being that my overall schedule is very irregular right now, but I need to at least do them, being that I've been getting a ton of questions via email that I need to address for both websites.

On a side note: Every once in a while when I do webcam shows, some loser(s) like to try to come into my chat rooms and harass me (and considering their tone, usually they're obviously ex-boyfriends, stalkers or other women who see me as their "competition"). Today someone said the following to me in my chat room:

Be smart and just buy this cross-eyed ghetto trash' archive for $2, she sure isn't worth $5 a minute, her and her piss poor attitude, bc shes old and a loser who is too stupid for school, and her only talent in life is spreading her legs, like her mom's.

(Thank you for your super support staff who immediately suspends the accounts of jerks like this.)

Rude right? I'll admit, my eyes are a little off center (no one is perfect, and truthfully, considering my physique, who really gives a fig?) and yes, part of how I make a living is based on my willingness to "spread my legs", and yes I'm 30 years old - but come on - don't say shit about my mother - she's actually as conservative as you can be.

What's crazy though is that when people say crap like that, I know that I'm not doing so bad in life after all. People don't attack those they're not threatened by. Often times I think to myself "what if I'd never decided to work in the adult industry and just had a regular/mainstream job?". Lately - considering this economy, I've come to realize that the path I've chosen, just may have been the correct one opposed to working in "mainstream world". When I compare my financial situation and stress level to those of my "mainstream" peers as of current, I think I am much better off exactly as I am, where I am and being who I am.

You know how in the army they say "Be all that you can be?" - Well as a technical "porn whore" or just "whore" in general (as mainstream society I'm sure defines me) - I will from this day forth be the best damn nerdy, computer geek girl whore I can be. :)

Tonight should be fun, a new friend invited me to a self improvement seminar. I'm really looking forward to it, because I always enjoy hearing other people's perspectives as to how to make the most and get the most out of life. Whether their view is something you agree, or disagree with - learning how others find success and happiness never hurts.