Friday, October 02, 2009

Made it through another Los Angeles week. Not too much exciting to report. A big thanks to everyone to checked in with me during my 1 hour free webcam show (to Club Monica members) on Tuesday. That was a fun show. To those who care, I'm once again the "porn pool" and am available for bookings through my agency

I had a "go-see" earlier in the week with a company who has some sort of a group sex porn series in the works. I somehow doubt that I was right for that project, BUT I have another appointment later this afternoon with another studio who's owner I really admire, so I'm looking forwards to that.

Looks like I'm one of's "featured peeps" for October, so check it out here:

Also a big thank you to all my myspace friends for putting me over the 15,000 friends mark! I'll start adding more myspace goodies and photos this month to my profile: