Monday, November 09, 2009

It's only Monday but already the week is off to a a busy but great start.

I spent most of the day yesterday on set with one of my favorite adult industry directors (this man has managed to successfully segway from the old school porn world into the new school of the adult industry) David aka "Pussyman" - I shot for one of his newest projects: which is part of the "A Mean World" family of websites. I had to channel Miztress Monica for the shoot, which is always a fun persona to call upon. I'm excited to see the scene, as I think it turned out sexy, nasty , raunchy, deviant, and just about everything someone into hot and sexy ebony dommes could possible desire :)

Pussyman is a cool cat, because he's proof that regardless of what era you begin in an industry, if you're creative and passionate about what you do, you'll remain timeless.

It was recently brought to my attention that someone I know but no longer communicate with lifted some of my info and "frame work" if you will, from my website and twisted it into something rather negative for their own self serving agenda - People who do such things really don't bother, stun, or affect me, because truthfully at this point in my life I understand that there really aren't too many people out there who are capable of coming up with original ideas independently. In the end thieves never win, so I'll let the universe take care of it. and it's associate blog is meant to be an honest, non-sugarcoated, fun, free, helpful and informative resource/gateway for ANYONE looking for info on the adult entertainment world - primarily porn. It's not meant to taint or influence anyone's view on the industry - it simply provides a window for outsiders to look through if their interested in the process of getting into the world of adult entertainment.

Today while I'm writing this blog, I'm in the process of reinstalling the OS and some new hardware onto my video editing computer. It's a boring tedious task, but it must be done. After I trade my SUV in next year, I plan on saving up for my first MAC video editing systems.

Later this week I may have another video shoot coming up which I'm looking forward to and just maybe, I'll do an installment of Real Exotic Dancers Talk Back on

Stay tuned.