Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's Wednesday according to Blogger but according to me, it's still Tuesday night.

Today was another fun filled day in the lives of Monica & I (we're one in the same - technically - but when I'm lonely, I like to pretend Monica is my sidekick). The day began by running some errands in the early portion of the day - one of which included stopping by the beauty supply store to buy some......(drum roll please).....WEAVE.

Yea yea yea, I know I've gone on and on about how I'm over wearing a weave, but hey, every once in a while I'm entitled to a relapse...I have a few projects coming up of which "long haired Monica" is necessary so gimmie a break - hell, part of the beauty and fun of being a BAP (Black American Princess) is that we get to change our hair length and style like how other women change their nail polish color. Here's a pic of me from tonight however for all you "short haired Monica" fans :)

On the way home from the weave/beauty supply store I stopped by CVS to pick up a few items - soap, toilet paper, shampoo, fruit juice, Arbor Mist, etc. Well upon getting to the check out the clerk asks for my photo ID. Of course, I left my damn license in the car so I had to run and get it being that the clerk INSISTED she see it before she sold me the oh so potent (not) Arbor Mist.

Now I know I look young for someone who's 30, but I DO NOT look under 21. I've found that age is a major issue in California (specifically Los Angeles). So many people out here don't think twice about lying about their age, even when it's obvious that they're lying. Everyone wants you to either be much younger than you are, or much older.

I've come to realize that I'm an "odd" age in porn - especially being that I entered at the age of which I did (29). Being that most porn actresses, enter at around 18 to 21, by time they're 25, they are typically already a "MILF". Porn directors/studios are frequently cast me as a MILF, which is cool - even though I don't have any kids, but in two cases studios tried to cast me as a cougar (though even the directors in the end admitted that it was ridiculous). Yep, I can't go anywhere without getting carded, yet I'm a cougar - LOL - well, maybe I'm a baby cougar.

You may have noticed I have ads on a few of my blogs now ( and - please be kind and click them :) Helps to support the continuation of my informative (and sometimes mindless) drivel.

The reformatting of my video editing machine went well yesterday. It's working MUCH more smoothly than before - feels like a brand spanking new system :) Hoping to get some more video editing done this week so I can get my store up and running.

After doing a few loads of laundry tonight, I jumped on webcam for a while. Thanks to all of you who grabbed a quick show with me. Don't forget peeps - tomorrow at 4pm PST is my show on the network!

On the 21st, I'll be doing my very first store signing here in Los Angeles at Stan's of Hollywood (an adult megastore), so if you live in the area COME BY AND SAY HI!!! Hopefully people will want me to sign their stuff and take photos with them, if not it'll be cool though - I'll just run around the store sexually harassing people - lol j/k - well maybe not.