Thursday, November 19, 2009

Though I'm writing this blog at around 6am in the morning, it's not due to the fact that I'm an early bird catching the's more like I'm a night owl who's lapsed back into her insomniatic ways.

My inability to sleep once again however isn't such a bad thing - when I enter these cycles I actually find myself at the peak of productivity. Here's a breakdown of a few projects I've been tackling:

  • I'm nearly ready to "officially" launch 2 more new websites - I'll refrain from telling you what they are, until the weekend.
  • I'm in the beginning stages of 2 additional blogs which will greatly expand the "world" of Monica Foster.
  • I've edited about 10 more videos for my store which I will be officially launching by the end of November
  • I've re-worked my format for the re-launch of (no deadline for the re-launch is set however as of yet).
  • I've managed to find a co-host (yes!!!!!!) for my upcoming launch of the interactive broadcast.

    Yep, busy busy busy - plus in between all of the above, I've been steadily and consistently doing private webcam shows for all my peeps out there :)

    I had a great time by the way on Tuesday, when I had the opportunity to visit with the beautiful and VERY down to earth and cool Nicki Hunter and the always fun and bubbly Jessica Bangkok on Playboy Radio's Night Calls.

    I want to give a HUGE shout out to James aka "looking around" for calling in and saying hello while I was on the air this Tuesday on Playboy Radio's Night Calls. That was really awesome of you!

    It's amazing how the media loves to paint a picture of pornstars and other adult industry professionals as being self absorbed, materialistic, flakey, silly, unintelligent people, yet in reality (though of course there are those who do live up to the stereotype) the adult professionals who actually have built a career for themselves are often some of the most amazing people you'll ever meet.

    There's definitely been a surge of interest in the adult industry as of late within the mainstream media, however I'm not very happy with how the media is choosing the "introduce" the adult business to the public. I simply feel that if the media is going to paint a picture, they need to implement stylings akin to realism rather than abstract.

    Last night I had a good night as I hit up one of my favorite dine out spots with a good friend. Where did I go you may ask? The Olive Garden of course.

    I LOVE the Olive Garden. Some may argue "oh, that's not REAL italian food" - well SO THE FUCK WHAT? I like it and considering the chains success so do many other people apparently - so THERE! :)

    Once again, don't forget, I will be doing my first signing at Stans of Hollywood
    from 1pm to 6pm on the 21st (this Saturday).

    Stan's of Hollywood
    1117 North Western Avenue
    Hollywood, CA 90029
    Phone: 323-467-1640

    Come on down and say hello to myself, Misty Stone and Alexander Devoe. As a bonus, the first 30 people who come down to see me, will receive an exclusive limited edition Monica Foster CD card which includes a free 3 month membership to my website: