Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The week is already off to a product, busy and a bit of an exhausting start, but hey, that's a good thing - after all I'm 30, full of energy and fabulous - lol :)

Yesterday I worked with DT wrestling (www.dtwrestling.com) - yes, along with being a pornstar, model, webcam girl, journalist and computer nerd I'm also a part time professional female wrestler to those of you who aren't aware (yes I'm consistently full of surprises). I'm still relatively a novice compared to the more seasoned DT girls, but I'm learning quickly and have quite a few matches under my belt now.

What's really great about DT, is that it's all about what the fans and viewers want. Members of the site can write their own custom "fantasy wrestling match" scripts and pick out the opponent pairings. It's a really cool concept - think GLOW from the 80's (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling). If any of you Monica blog readers out there want to see me either kick some ass, or get my ass kicked definitely check out the site and order a custom match!

Working with DT is the equivalent of going back in time to around 2nd grade and getting to run around getting rowdy and rough and tumbly with your classmates. It's a VERY physically demanding activity but more fun than you can imagine (you don't even notice the bruises). I worked with the beautiful Akira Lane and Tylene Buck today - both of which are not just attractive on the outside, but on the inside as well - which in LA is both rare and refreshing.

Don't forget, I'm on Playboy Radio's Night Calls at 5pm PST/ 8pm EST tonight. The call in # is: 1-877-205-9796 - hope to talk to you soon :)