Sunday, December 13, 2009

Having trouble sleeping once again. I hate this sleepless (or odd sleep hours) pattern I find myself falling into from time to time, because when I allow myself to get overly tired, I start to over analyze things, events and people in my life - which can lead to a bit of paranoia...not fun.

The up side to not getting much sleep however, is that I get a TON of work done, and truthfully, throwing myself into my work might just be the right thing for me at this point.

Today I did a special "weekend edition" of Monica Foster Live on the network for members of Club Monica (the member's section of my website: ). I wore a cute and sexy Christmas inspired outfit, and played Christmas music throughout the show. I might post a small clip of it here later. Fun show - a big "THANKS!" to everyone who watched :)

I may go ahead and add a 2nd free 1 hour show for my Club Monica members permanently on Sunday's being that I know many are working during my current Wednesday's show. I want to be fair to all my Club Members as you've all been great towards me over the years.


I've put together a new blog of all my online scenes and videos:

This way it'll be easy for all of you to find and watch everything I've ever done that's online! I just started the blog last night but it should be done by Tuesday.

New content will FINALLY be added to Club Monica THIS week - lots of solos and solos with toys, so get ready!