Sunday, December 27, 2009

Only a few days till the New Year peeps, and I'm very glad.

2009 was quite a year - both personally and on a world scale. Many ups and downs, but in the end, the year has wrapped up nicely. A lot of truths came out this year, which is great, because I think that is gives 2010 a nice fresh and clean slate to start from.

I've decided I'm going to actively keep as much negativity out of my life as possible. That goes for people, situations, places and thoughts. The only way I'll reach the positive level of success I desire is by making my entire world "sunshine, rainbows and unicorns" so that is what I will do :)

One of my goals for 2010 (and I have MANY) is to release my first adult VOD and DVD project under my upcoming studio/label. Last night I really assessed where I am in achieving that goal, and I'm much closer than I initially thought.

I have a few "paperwork" details I need to ensure are in proper order - but I'm almost to the casting phase now, which will be fun - yet challenging. I'm torn between working with complete unknowns vs. hiring talent through an agency. Considering there are VERY few agents in "porn world" that I'd even consider working with, this will be a task I have to thoroughly think through.

Apparently there's a new adult talent agency opening in January that I read about on called Bella Dolce models. Everything that the owner states about the agnecy sounds good, but like most adult talent agencies - what's stated may not be what the reality is. We'll see, I wish them the best regardless.

There's a couple black women who didn't seem to have stayed in porn for very long that I'd really like to cast in my 2010 release, so if anyone knows how to reach the following ladies please let me know.

1) Tiffany Carter (she was with La direct models for what looked like a month and then dissappeared).
2) Eunique Styles (another La direct models runaway)

I think the main problem I'm going to have with casting my project - is the boyfriend/pimp/manager factor which is present in many porn talent's lives. We'll see what happens.