Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Well, it's December 1st - the first day of the last month of the year and WOW, I'm so glad. It's been one hell of a year - quite the rollercoaster ride, and fortunately it looks as though I'll be coasting into 2010 pretty smoothly - I feel great about that :)

Los Angeles is jam packed full of people that will try to use you, manipulate you and fool you. I know, because I've encountered quite of a few of such types since moving here...however I've learned how to avoid them, and the situations such people try to get you into. It's a good lesson to have learned.

I'll start this blog with a few Monica Foster updates:

I have a couple new clips/scenes on www.deviantdavid.com of which I'm working my MiZtressMonica side - anyone who's into sexy fetish domination will enjoy those scenes and the site as a whole.

I was cast to introduce quite a few websites on the new site: LiveReviews.com - not sure when the videos will be added to the site, but they will be eventually so that's something in "Monica's World" to check out sometime soon.

Tomorrow is my 1 hour show on the CamZ network (for all of you who are members of CamZ.com and/or Club Monica) and I'm considering letting Mighty Afrodite take over for tomorrow's broadcast. Some of you may not be familiar with her, so you'll have to tune in to meet her - but to those of you who know miss. Dite - you know that it'll be a fun show if she makes an appearance.

Currently my account on Imlive.com is inactive because I'm waiting to be approved for their "celebrity pornstar" area of their site - hopefully that will be within the next 48 hours as I was initially promised by their support team - so to those of you who get webcam shows from me through Imlive.com - either hang tight or check me on the other webcam networks such as privatecamz.com (you can find links to my shows on MonicaF.com of course).

I'll end this blog today with a bit of an observation:

I've been saying for a while that porn is not a dying industry as many people continually tout it to be - it's simply going through a transitional period, and I'm not just talking about the mediums of which it's distributed by (VOD vs. DVD for example) - the themes and content of SUCCESSFUL porn is making a huge transition and I am SOOOOOOOOO glad. The porn that's continuing to really sell is porn with story lines and generally porn written by and produced by people who DON'T HATE WOMEN.

Recently I did an interview with Alexander Devoe who if I'm not mistaken holds the current record for AVN nominations within a single year. He touched on in the interview about how he feels the difference between his porn, and many of his peers, is that he cares about what the female talent in the scenes he shoots feels and enjoys. The man is a romantic and obviously adores women. How refreshing.

I've come to find as a female talent that many porn studio owners and directors truly DO have a lot of negative feelings and animosity towards women which essentially stems from their own personal insecurities. It's a very sad thing to observe...adults who were (often obviously) the runts, outcasts or nerds in highschool, who never could get the women they craved, feeling so inadequate that they go as far as to become adults and use the adult entertainment industry (which SHOULD be a community of erotic ARTISTS) as their playground to attempt to get some (often violent) "pay back".

Well guess what porn industry males who hate women - you are about to lose everything and right now you have about a thread left to hang by, that is unless you straighten up your acts. Let me be more clear, it doesn't matter how cool of a car you drive, it doesn't matter how many steroids you take to try to make up for your lack of height, it doesn't matter how big of a penial implant you get, and it doesn't matter how many women 20+ years your junior you pay to fuck - NO BODY IS GOING TO PAY FOR YOUR SUB PAR PRODUCT ANYMORE because they DON'T WANT TO WATCH IT (not because of the tube sites, but because it just sux), so your wannabe pimp train ride is just about over.

The world is changing economically AND spiritually. People are becoming better, more sensitive and more enlightened people (especially young people - teens - who essentially are your future audience) in general and they really don't find watching a girl get spit on and choked out in an amatuer setting "hot" anymore. They find it sad, disturbing and the studios who make it pathetic.

Yea yea, there are the few sickos who might get off on such material, but most likely they're people who are not reproducing (because most likely they can't find a woman to maintain a relationship with which is why they watch your sicko material) and are rapidly dying off.

Since creating gettingintoporn.com I've received many emails from what I forsee as the "new era" of female and male talent entering the adult industry. These individuals are more driven, more informed, a bit more mature, more independent and a bit stronger than those that essentially the "women haters" of porn consistently attempt to recruit (yep, I mean girls from seriously disfunctional backgrounds who can barely work a computer).

As economic times become more difficult, more people from the "regular world" WILL enter the adult world, but they won't do so as naively as their predecessors, which is a comforting feeling. They will do their research, they will read the industry forums, and they will read the industry blogs and piece together what's REALLY going on in the adult industry and how they REALLY are viewed and where they REALLY fit in.

I strongly suggest to those who work behind the scenes in the XXX world (especially males around 42 who look a bit like a fair complexioned Gary Coleman and who think it's OK to grab my ass or tits without my permission on a NON-SEX video shoot, and who entered the adult industry most likely, because outside of it, you would NEVER get a piece of ass no matter how much your lame beta-male ass attempts to work out and suck in your gut and stick out your chest - yes I'm describing a scum bag I encountered recently) to get your shit together and stop thinking women are somehow inferior to you, before you are seen as a scumbag loser to mainstream society, but to the adult industry world as well as someone who just couldn't cut it.

The End - for now.

Oh and one more thing Gary Coleman look alike: don't count on me ever doing a "content exchange POV" with you - I'm not out to make the "Monica Foster" brand depreciate in value.

Side note: I am not against short men (though I tend to date men my height or taller being that I'm a relatively tall woman at a mere 5'6" out here in Los Angeles), just men in general who have allowed their shortcomings dictate how they treat others later on life once they've gained a bit of success and/or power.