Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yesterday I co-hosted on's show "Color Blind" - here's the link to the show - it was a LOT of fun so enjoy!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Above is the flyer for the party I'll be signing at and co-hosting this Saturday - I'm totally looking forward to it!

Tonight I'll be co-hosting "Color Blind" with PowderXXX of again, I'll post a link to the archive over the weekend.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well it looks like I get to work for one of my new favorite adult video companies at the start of next week: BlueBird Films. I'm looking forward to it, however that means that I have to AIM today, which is ok but it's no fun getting your blood drawn so often - yuck.
Later in the week I get to make an appearance in X-plays next flick set to launch after Not the Cosby's XXX (which I star in) - Not Married with Children XXX - so I'm looking forwards to that as well.
I encourage many of you out there to check out - this guy is a long time adult industry vet who continues to produce some awesome features to this day.
Also check out - it's one of the hottest cameramen in the industry's websites, hopefully he'll have some samples of his work up soon.

Today will be a cam show day/night, but I always enjoy chatting so it's a good thing. I acquired a new domain for my adult video theater gateway through AEBN: - check it out :)

Here are a couple of recent interviews with Harley of

Super Hot Adult Star Monica Foster Harleys XXX TV

PT2 Adut Star Monica Foster Hott Harleys XXX TV

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Though California has a tremendous amount of opportunity for anyone with a drive and a will to work hard, I'm looking forward to when I've "made my fortune" and can leave this state. Where I'll go next, I'm not sure, but most likely I will either return to the east coast or simply relocate to another country. Primarily because I'm just not one for the "land of make believe" mentality on a long term basis.

I have learned since living here I'm much more based in "reality" than I initially thought - mainly because I have an aversion to shrinking away situations that are hard, where as many people who have lived here on a long term basis seem to deem that mentality as acceptable.

Though Cali is progressive in many ways, in other ways it's not. Though we are in the year 2009, have a technically "black" president, and are well beyond the sexual revolution - I find backwards and/or hypocritical mindsets around every corner and under every stone here in Hollywood, CA - ironically especially in the MAINSTREAM entertainment industry. It is sad, the situation angers me, and overall I'm disgusted.

The adult entertainment world still needs a lot of progression, but I see the progression and needed changes being easily rectified whereas in mainstream I do not. I strongly prefer being identified as an "adult entertainer" over a "mainstream actress" and probably always will.

On a happier note, I'll be co-hosting's show "ColorBlind" again on Friday and will be co-hosting and signing at an industry event at a club called CineSpace on Saturday.

I hope and pray the coming of March brings me better luck and work opportunities my way than I had in fucked up Feb.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

February - I've always considered it one of the strangest months of the year and I've never liked it. I never really enjoy Valentines Day (too much pressure and/or disappointment) and what's up with the 28 days? I need those extra day's the calendar masters of the world are ripping me off of to make sure I can get all my bills paid - arg!

Anyways this was one ROUGH MONTH - however at least now it's just about over and I'm happy I managed to survive it, at least so far :) This month taught me more so than anything how good friends and sisterhood is a very important part of life.

This Friday my friend Powder of and asked me to sub in with him as co-host for a show on called Color Blind - actually this is the first show on the RudeTV network that I ever was a guest on.

Check out my first interview on the show here:

And check out my latest appearance on the show as a co-host here:

On both above links, click on the video window under where it says "live show viewing area".

I really enjoyed getting to talk to the guest on the last installment of Color Blind, Scarlett Summers who has since retired from porn but definitely had some interesting and insightful experiences to share in regards to her career in porn. Hopefully she'll return next week to the show for a "part 2" to the interview because I feel like some of her experiences show the blatent exploitation of young and NAIVE women who enter porn by individuals who should certainly know better.

It's interesting watching my past interviews and video clips from time to time, because I've begun to realize how my opinions which I thought were pretty "set" have bent, morphed, changed, and developed over the years. For example due to racial sensitivity issues I've dealt with in the past, I was very against any porn that had "racial motivations" behind it. Now I can honestly say I feel a little differently. Basically I feel that if all party's involved aren't offended by the material in any way shape or form, it's ok - for example - check out my video"White Slavery". I loved shooting it, enjoy watching it, and I'd do it again.

Doing RudeTV really has pushed me to get up and running again along with together. It'll be a busy remainder of the month.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Through an interesting turn of events, the music video I was set to be in which I mentioned in my previous post wound up shooting last night afterall. Since it was a "night scene" for the video, I was on set from about 12am to 6:30am this morning. WHEW! Between the freezing temps, my tiny outfit wardrobe put me in, and the late hours I slept most of the day today.
Today/tonight I'm back to doing cam shows for the remainder of the weekend.
Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I haven't had the chance to blog in a while, so I figured this rainy afternoon in LA is the day to do it.
I hit up my first adult industry party this week at a club called "Blue Moon Nights" - a "fetish party" with a few friends of mine and it was great to see a lot of industry people of which I've worked with there.

Actually the more involved in the industry I get, the more I realize how much of a fan I am of certain performers. I've always thought Tommy Gunn (the blond one - and in the background of the above pic - hehe) is really hot, so it was cool meeting him in the VIP area of the party. CLICK HERE for more pics from the event.
I also auditioned for a Lil Wayne music video this week of which I was cast for which was supposed to start shooting tonight but unfortunately was canceled due to the rain :( Hopefully I'll get cast for another one because I've always wanted to be in a music video to see how one is put together.
I'll be doing cam shows most of the weekend as usual. This recession really sucks hard. If I'd entered the west coast entertainment scene a few years ago, I'd already be much better of financially, but because of ex-prez Bush, I'm not. I hope karma really bites him in the ass for what he's done.